Advisory is at the core of our business. Our in-depth and hands on practical experience in trading, technology innovation, managing and repositioning property assets provides us with the ability to assist property owners in roles from their initial review right through to the implementation and ongoing management and then realisation stage.

We have extensive networks in Australia and the USA. Our appointments having included a portfolio purchase in the USA where we were responsible for the review of 28 buildings, geographically spread across the country, in one acquisition. Asset strategy, property due diligence, the purchase and on-boarding roles were undertaken that moved onto the overall portfolio asset management.

Our advisory roles extend beyond the asset level and into fund creation and ongoing fund management. We also provide capital raising and guidance for technology companies working across education, medical, product development and blockchain.

We have acted for a number of funds as responsible managers as well as created and owner both retail and wholesale AFSL’s. We are currently active on a number of funds where our role was to set up the fund from the AFSL forward to meet there particular business objectives. Our role has extended with these appointment to become involved now with the growth of those funds and subsequent raisings.

Our services include:

  • Asset Strategy
  • Purchase due diligence
  • Portfolio structure
  • Capital raising
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Funds Management
  • Application and management of an Australian Financial Services Licence [“AFSL”]


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“Jason has held senior management roles in a range of Funds Management businesses and has been a responsible manager on Financial Service Licences.  Jason has experience in implementing and managing Financial Services Licences.  Jason works well under pressure and is able to manage multiple stakeholders to ensure that outcomes are achieved on time.”

Matthew BeachCEO - Woolley Holdings